Discussion on: From Chef to Programmer: Lessons From The Kitchen

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Tyler Heinrich

Thank you for writing this article. I enjoy cooking at home as a hobby and I think your comparisons are on point. I love your point, "We owe it to everybody who helped us learn...". It really makes a difference helping others.

I think something to go along with "Be Organized" is "use the right tool for the job". Sure you could chop an onion using a butter knife, but there are other tools for the job that will make it a helluva lot easier. The same thing can be applied in practice with programming. This could be adding another tool to your tool-belt that will assist you such as add-ons or extensions, or it could be switching to an entirely different IDE. If you do your research and talk to others in the field, you may learn that there are better ways to tackle the everyday problems you encounter.

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Jeremy Schuurmans Author

That's a great point! Thank you