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Discussion on: Interview question: heap vs stack (C#)

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Alexey Golub Author

My point is, you cannot use term value type for a field. Field is a member of type.

A field is member of a type but also represents an instance of some type as well. The term "value type field" is a field whose type (not the declaring type) is a value type.

For example, see here, you can get the type of a field by getting the value of FieldInfo.FieldType property. You can then check if it's a value type through checking Type.IsValueType property.

Members belong where ever the containing type exists that's all (this is well known phenomenon).

Yes, that's what I said. Hence why saying "value types are allocated on the stack" is not correct, even if you exclude closures.

For example, here's an article by Jon Skeet referencing the subject in the second paragraph.

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Akash Kava • Edited

Type is something you can always do typeof(x), you can never do type of (field of (class/struct)). Example,

    struct A {
       ? a;
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First of all you can never do typeof(A.a) because a is a field of type, it is not a type !

FieldInfo.FieldType is type of field, field is not type. Again, value type is a type, which you can safely do typeof(int), typeof(string), anything that can sit inside typeof expression is a type, field is not type.

Here, A is a type, since it is a struct, it will always be on stack unless captured by lambda. And whatever may be the type field a, A will always be on stack !! Member of a type is not type !! Field/Method/Property all are member of type and allocation will never depend on them. If a is string, it is reference, but string is a type, a is not type, and A will still sit on stack and contents of string will be on heap and a will store reference and entire object will sit on stack.

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Alexey Golub Author

You can do A.a.GetType() to get the field type. Field type can be value type. I'm not talking about field being a type.

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