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I am thinking about if you work in small company, ditch any comm tools/devices and do face to face instead.

If there is necessity to use comm tools, all staffs should disciplined to only use for important stuffs.


The problem with face to face only is that you might be disrupting the flow of a colleague if you have to go to their desk every time you have to talk.

Also what if you are a remote company? That's also that case to consider.

I think you still need at least one tool 🤔

It's the "how to use it" that sparks the pondering and the strategies


On this note, if someone has their headphones in and the message is not super urgent, I think Whatsapp is the go-to in our office.


I agree with this point. I work in a small group with two other people in the same room and our boss in a separate room. For most interactions we meet face to face. If we want to send docs or links to each other, or if we need to speak to someone outside the company, we use email. Short messages? WhatsApp. That's it! All important stuff is documented through Git(Lab).

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