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Search for last shell cmd

ubrey profile image Aubrey ・1 min read

Search for last shell cmd

I can explain this all... though the following links do that better... So would be just weird to try to explain general information. THe Elephant is gray the disk is warped.

from DO documentation

For instance, you can type CTRL-r, and begin typing part of the previous command. You only have to type out part of the command. If it matches an unwanted command instead, you can press CTRL-r again to see the next result.

Other stuff.. DO has a nice overview for simple things

Why explain that here as they explain it better

hashag giveachance

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This does a better job at this. Hope you will like it -

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Aubrey Author

I like the idea (seen it before), but.. yeah sorry, I am not into that kind of fuzzy find cli command.. too much false positives could happen