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Discussion on: Data Visualisation with 1 Billion Shazam Music Recognitions

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Umar Hansa Author

Thank you! That's a good question. I would say it depends on the amount of data you have to visualise, and the level of interactivity you need.

For Kepler, if you check out their demos, you'll notice that it's in the hundreds of thousands, and on my machine I start to get lag at that point. For my visualisation, I needed to handle over 1 billion rows! That's where something statically generated would have been the only option for me - which is why I used datamaps

That being said, if you need lots of interactivity, such as clickable markers, you'll probably have to go with a runtime visualization tool.

If you don't need lots of interactivity, have lots of data points, and want to make a performant visualisation, then something statically generated might be better. Otherwise, tools like Kepler seem great and certainly make life a lot easier!