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re: 10 print "Hello World" 20 goto 10

My school had BASIC when I was 10 years old! Every alternate IT period (Computer period) was a lab session where 30mins was programming and 10mins games. We had to draw a rectangle using BASIC and I used to wonder... HUH! Why can't we just draw it on a paper?! I am not sure whether this comes under "Old enough to remember"... but damn that was long time ago!


If you like to revisit BASIC from a culture and humanities perspective check out 10print.org/
It is a beautiful book

Hey, Thanks! I will check it out. It would be a cool to check how much I remember.


Completely agree. I've been through the same thing. They skipped a very important step: explain why we need to write tens of lines code for something that could be done in less than a couple of seconds on a sheet of paper.

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