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10 print "Hello World"
20 goto 10


My school had BASIC when I was 10 years old! Every alternate IT period (Computer period) was a lab session where 30mins was programming and 10mins games. We had to draw a rectangle using BASIC and I used to wonder... HUH! Why can't we just draw it on a paper?! I am not sure whether this comes under "Old enough to remember"... but damn that was long time ago!


If you like to revisit BASIC from a culture and humanities perspective check out 10print.org/
It is a beautiful book

Hey, Thanks! I will check it out. It would be a cool to check how much I remember.


Completely agree. I've been through the same thing. They skipped a very important step: explain why we need to write tens of lines code for something that could be done in less than a couple of seconds on a sheet of paper.


And how brilliant GOSUB was.


My God thank you! I was reading these replies thinking "these people are all kids" lol


I only recently joined this community and I'm happy to see more of us 'oldies' here


//nod// Save+load from cassette, hoping dearly that you started at the correct counter position and had the tape recorder volume loud enough (but not too loud), then wait...10 minutes...to play Wumpus!

...And there was also the cursed temperamental 16K RAM pack plugged into my ZX81 which would cause the computer to crash if you jostled the thing even slightly--like typing!!

For me it was a Commodore 64 or a Vic 20 which was what our first computer classes in grade 11 used.

I still remember the joy of walking up to a demo computer in a store and doing the 20 goto 10 thing :D

You young whippersnapper! I was at school at a time when the school didn't have any computers. Its entire computing facility consisted of a single teletype terminal that could be connected via acoustic coupler to a mainframe across town. Paper tape was the local storage medium.

It didn't matter. I was hooked.

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