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Discussion on: Why you should Stop using CSS Frameworks

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Uriel Bitton Author

Good point, i general agree with most of the things you say. However, many beginners use css frameworks and that is simply self-damaging. CSS frameworks are best used by experienced developers working on large business projects alone without a team to help the developer. This i can understand. What i can't understand is when the framework is being used to build simple websites for clients and small passion projects.

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Austin French

But many new developers also get thrown into the deep-end of a full stack.

When it comes to data integrity, solid business logic, a good view (HTML, Js) and CSS, writing custom CSS when something like bootstrap does most of it OoB... Choosing to write your own is potentially the least important and impactful to the product owner and technical leads. I'd agree with them most of the time too. Far too often the CSS is the worst written 'code' of an application. Where I go from "This site looks pretty good" to "Holy hell, how is this maintained?"

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Ben Holmes

I totally agree; frameworks aren't the best fit for every use case. I've built quite a few projects recently without any frameworks at all since I'm a CSS warrior at heart.

Still, there's something to be said for utility frameworks like Reach UI on this front. These are perfect for nailing accessibility guidelines out of the box, but still leaving the door open for custom CSS on top. Very little is left to the imagination! It just gives you a baseline to work from, and guides you on custom styling (with documentation!) using simple CSS classes.

I really like the direction of these frameworks in particular over powerhouses like Material UI (which you probably had in mind when writing this post). Still, to each their own.