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Discussion on: Why you should Stop using CSS Frameworks

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Uriel Bitton Author

I definitely agree with you man, which is why i encourage to build your own frameworks or at least build your own reset styles framework. I use my own reset styes and a light framework that i designed from scratch for all my web projects. Trust me its so much more rewarding then using css frameworks. Now don't get me wrng if you're building a large business project website or app that requires a huge amount of styling then sure a framework may be a good decision. But my article refers mainly to people who use it for normal websites, and small passion projects. That's what i don't vouch for. Again this is just my opinion, i respect everyone's opinion in the matter!
Thanks for sharing :)

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Totally agree, when I have got some time on my hands (generally I don't, haha) then I definitely would like to do that - build a small "foundation" (excuse the pun, haha) because I'm convinced you can learn a LOT from that!