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Kurapati Mahesh
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Project 2: Random Color Flipper in Javascript

To the continuation to project 1, I have improved it to flip to new color every time you click on button.

Here is the implementation:


<body id="flipper">
    <p id="text" style="font-size:50px">Background Color: <span id="color"></span> </p>
    <button id="btn" style="padding: 14px 28px;" onclick="perform()">Random color!</button>
        function perform() {
            const color = '#' + Math.random().toString(16).substring(9);
            document.getElementById('color').innerHTML = color;
            document.getElementById('flipper').style.backgroundColor = color;

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Again, lets understand step by step in the code.

If you see the HTML, there is again button from which the action begins. When user clicks on Random color! button then perform action gets triggered.

In the perform function, we are capturing hexadecimal value of color using '#' + Math.random().toString(16).substring(9); like #9af6bf, #815aab, #c17546 etc.

document.getElementById('color').innerHTML = color; - setting that randomly generated color to span to show on page.
document.getElementById('flipper').style.backgroundColor = color; - Setting as background color of the whole page.

Hope things are clear.

Thanks! Happy Coding 😊.

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