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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘ • Edited

// , From my first impressions, this seems like a simple case of getting a better result by using the right tool for the job.

In this case, moving complex authentication and user provisioning logic from an authentication tool to something else.

I like seeing how you ensured that Authentication systems whose processes are tailored to Authentication don't also end up responsible for taking care of a bunch of Authorization (or as you call it here, Provisioning) processes.

Speaking of "Provisioning", what's this mean?

on-time provisioned

My search engine of choice has not yet availed me of anything that looks obviously relevant:"on-time+provisi...

I only understand about 1/3 of what you wrote here, but what I do understand impressed me. Bravo, sir, and thanks for making our data a little more protected and our sign-up flows a little less soul crushing.

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Marko V Author

"On-time provisioning" is more or less just-in-time provisioning but earlier in the process. Provisioned ahead of time in critical systems, and still supporting the JIT scenarios as well :) I hope that clarifies it.

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Maximilian Burszley

Clear as mud.