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Discussion on: A message from Iran, asking for help on creating better proxies

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🦄N B🛡

// , Welcome to one of the increasingly important new frontiers in IT innovation: Information Security

I expect the stories like this, that motivate InfoSec applications, to become increasingly dark, and, as you have directly pointed out, tied to one's physical security.

I have an intuition that what you're really looking for are not just proxies, but a solution to the most ham-handed form of censorship: blackouts.

I recommend taking a brief look into applications of the Tox protocol that go beyond just chat, and if you're ready to go full data-guerilla mode, consider looking into getting your own "copper."

I don't see a PGP key in your profile ( seems to have prioritized profile fields for Twitch, Behance, and Dribbble (whatever that is) over infosec stuff like PGP or

But if you send it to me I'll send you some more info I have.

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Sajjad Heydari Author

Thank you! I don't live in Iran personally, although my pgp public key is here: