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Discussion on: What are the most generous free plans you know?

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Localazy, with 1000 source phrases and all localization features for free, is pretty decent and enough for localizing typical apps for free.

Also, by sharing translations with other apps, it can actually save a lot of money on professional translations.

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Pankaj Patel

This is a nice recommendation, I would definitely try it. Currently, is on top of my free i18n tools' list with 2000 phrases in free tier.

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vaclavhodek • Edited

With a deeper look at their pricing, Localazy is much much better.

Just compare free tiers:

Localazy: 1000 source phrases
Localise: 1000 translatable assets
(just a different name for the same thing)

Localazy: unlimited translations
Localise: 2000 translations

Localazy: unlimited languages
Localise: 10 langauges

Localazy: unlimited private/public projects
Localise: 2 private projects (please note that all projects are private; so this limit is effectively "2 projects only")

Localazy: unlimited revisions
Localise: previous version only

Localazy: unlimited translators, reviewers and additional owners
Localise: unlimited translators only

Increasing number of source phrases / translatable assets:

  • Localazy: one-time payment for permanent increase
  • Localise: lock you in monthly payments

If your app has 1000 phrases in the source language (which is enough for 95% of all existing apps):

  • You can translate it fully into 50, 100, 150 languages for free with Localazy

  • You can translate it fully to only 1 additional language with free Localise and you would need to pay their Agency plan to be able to translate it fully to 50, 100 languages and there is even no plan that would cover you for 150 languages...

Also, there is not mentioned anything about machine translations in Localise plans. Localazy has them available for free including shared translations (more accurate translations by sharing between apps).

From this simple comparation, Localazy is strictly more generous ;-)

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Pankaj Patel

Yeah, you are right. Localazy IS more generous.