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I've only ever worked on personal websites or sites for assignements and I'm not heading into Web developpement (at least for now) so take this with a grain of salt.

But even with little experience I've been able to recycle parts of projects because they were :

  • Using the same framework
  • Doing similar actions
  • Used for an intranet where an original design was not required

I'm very disorganized IRL but try to have healthy/organized developpement environments and coding habits. As much as possible I try to keep my code modular so that I can reuse parts that I feel can have more than one use.

The most concrete example would be user sign up/sign in/sign out functions. I keep databases different and have different table names and column names for each project but the functionnalities are the same so I don't have to write it from scratch each and every time !

I end up saving quite a lot of time on both the conception and the implementation phases.

Another thing is that by force of habit you'll be able to do more things faster so I guess practice is key.

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