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Discussion on: What if we would share code instead of packages?

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Valeria Author

Yeah, it's scary if you start to think about it. Packages are built out of whatever files you're packaging and there's absolutely no check if it is the same source code provided on GitHub or if it was altered.
What's for the binaries WebAssembly could help with it - it's cross platform and no extra build tools required.

Everything we use in dev (or even live) is based on someone else's work; And its great, we are where we are, because it was refined and perfected over and over. Wouldn't it be nice to be involved in this evolution?

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Rodion Borisov

Well, you still need a build tool to wasm-ify what you just wrote in some readable programming language, but I get the idea.

Nevertheless, even if wasm is somehow readable, it will be more handy if build and packaging in repository were scheduled automatically, without "strings attached". It's more of like an option that raises the credibility of the package.

I dunno what's even beyond of WebAssembly for web today? It's certainly an awesome progress.