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Discussion on: Common React performance mistakes 💣

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As you wish!

React allowed us to prototype applications much faster, but it rarely stays the same. Fixes, new features, redesign - these are all welcomed changes, but a growing pain nonetheless. Here are some tips & tricks to make it as easy as possible...

I'd like to explain why I even bothered to criticise, as offending you was never my intention.

Performance optimisation should always be measured first. Optimised code is much harder to read and maintain. Of course, when the app doesn't load at all due to an eternal loop it's a very easy measurement and decision to make.

What's for the scaling - it is a process of making your service available and usable for a bigger amount of clients at the same time (in most cases). When you talk about client code, aka front-end, it doesn't have any effect on how many users can use it at the same time, as each one of them runs their own copy.

Hope that helps!

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KaRthick Author

no no not offending just asked for a better clarification! always there should be a debate for better result . Yeah word scaling is mis-leading here my intension is to mention both performance & scaling is a burden . But your thought is valid too , updated my article hope it's fine now