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  1. Python, R: because data science
  2. Hadoop, Spark, etc.: because big data
  3. Rapid Miner: because data analysis
  4. NoSQL: because there's more to life than RDBMS
  5. Railo: because I'm nostalgic for the language I started my dev career with (ColdFusion), even if there isn't high industry demand; I miss having fun with it!

Some nice choices there. In addition have a look at dataiku it will play nicer with spark,r,python and nosql than rapid miner.

Also maybe take a look at some of the newer streaming architectures since you mentioned spark it's worth getting into spark streaming or flink. Key architecture in this area is called the "kappa architecture" give it a Google.


I'm a Coldfusion evacuee myself. ;-) I've migrated to Elixir.

For some different thoughts on data and database design, have a look at this, it's a long but really great read. It has impacted how I think about data.


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