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1.) Flutter, because I've been on a Dart high lately.

2.) React/Redux, because I have to know what all the hype is about.

3.) Kotlin, because I have to know what all the hype is about.

4.) Docker, because containerization is all the rage now.

5.) I want to contribute to Open Source projects more often. I've been able to learn so many awesome frameworks and use so many great tools that are Open Source, and it's about time that I contribute back.


Dart got off to a slow start, but things are looking promising!


I was actually going to ask you: how do we get the tags to match the color of the language's logo?

#dart is looking a little #discuss :)

  1. React, because I want to complete the 3 big front-end players (R-A-V) 👑

  2. Machine learning, although I already did that in some ways with R, I want to deepen my knowledge here and try out Python and Tensor Flow to extend my knowledge about different models. But first, I have to find a use-case for that 🔎

  3. Design patterns, although I learned it during my studies, I want to deepen my knowledge here 💪

  4. Testing with Mocha/Chai, because I never really did that in my side projects 😅 but it is worth it ‼️

  5. React Native, because mobile first, but I have to find a use-case for that and must learn React before 🏫


I'd like to learn more about browsers and mobile devices, and generally the hardware/software my code runs in. I may pick up some languages along the way, but I'm looking to learn more about the runtime environments.

I also want to advance in my understanding of containers, mostly to leverage them for simplifying onboarding. I definitely don't want my projects to be a hectic nightmare in dev environment setup.

I want to learn better practices in documentation and organized teaching. In 2018 I want to do more empowering others as opposed to siloing myself with my development work. That will also include getting some more skills in prototyping, modeling and spec'ing.

It would also be fun to go deeper with my understanding of service workers.

Also I really should actually learn some of the other modern JS stuff I've been getting by without actually figuring out.


My goal for 2018 is to understand the inner workings of React and contribute to the project.


1) Lambda on AWS
2) WebGL Mapping
3) Go (but I don't have a use case right now)
4) Elastic stack 6
5) Kafka


If you need any help with Kafka feel free to contact me. Quite recently deployed a Kafka cluster and worked with Kafka streams going into Cassandra


My partner and I were just talking about this yesterday and I wrote up a doc to crystallize my thoughts. The doc is a hot mess, but there were 4 specific items:

1) Go

2) React/Redux

3) GraphQL

4) Node

If forced to pick a fifth, I'd add

5) getting better at all things AWS

Background - the majority of our current work is Laravel/VueJS/Craft CMS

  1. Python, R: because data science
  2. Hadoop, Spark, etc.: because big data
  3. Rapid Miner: because data analysis
  4. NoSQL: because there's more to life than RDBMS
  5. Railo: because I'm nostalgic for the language I started my dev career with (ColdFusion), even if there isn't high industry demand; I miss having fun with it!

Some nice choices there. In addition have a look at dataiku it will play nicer with spark,r,python and nosql than rapid miner.

Also maybe take a look at some of the newer streaming architectures since you mentioned spark it's worth getting into spark streaming or flink. Key architecture in this area is called the "kappa architecture" give it a Google.


I'm a Coldfusion evacuee myself. ;-) I've migrated to Elixir.

For some different thoughts on data and database design, have a look at this, it's a long but really great read. It has impacted how I think about data.


1 - python ( for fun rasberry lego technics robots)
2 - graphql relay and / or apollo ( check what comes after REST )
3 - react/redux dive deeper into
4 - katas on codewars to improve my logic and problem solving
5 - jest / frontend testing


It's hard to pick just five, but here's my best attempt...

1) SQL: I'm tired of having this gap in my knowledge!

2) Linear Algebra: I need this for a major part of a work project, and I've always wished I knew it (I love math.)

3) C++17: Now that it has been officially released, I want to master all the new features.

4) Rust: I've been interested in learning this language ever since I first heard of it. I love working near the bare metal!

5) Haskell: I've wanted to learn the Functional paradigm for some time.


1) Communication, I've been told mine's bad but unfortunately nothing more detailed.

2) Unit Testing, to improve code quality (and hopefully speed, eventually)

3) Deployment / Server Setup, because I still don't know after 5 years professional coding .NET

4) Docker / containers, to help with 2.

5) Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, see comment to number 3

Maybe I'll write posts about 2-5 and join in more community discussions to help with 1.

Otherwise, just general improvements in my chosen stacks.


1.) I'd like to learn NodeJS as my "something new"

2.) Working with Async programs, looking at Gevent

3.) Checkout what's new on Django 2.0

4.) Learn Python3

5.) Contribute to Open Source projects (looking at Python RQ, maybe an Ansible module)

  1. Reason - I already started this year, but haven't had the time to really build something with it. I think it is a step in the right direction, even tho I don't think I can sell any clients an app build with it at the moment, hehe.

  2. The AWS stack. Probably starting with things like S3, Lambda, RDS and Cognito. Depending on the projects/clients I find maybe stuff like IoT etc.

  3. Related to 2. I read Designing Data-Intensive Applications, to get into the right mindset for all this back-end stuff.

  4. DDD, ES and CQRS. Also realated to 2. Guess some architecture I have to follow when building back-ends and these seem to be the way to got the next years coming.

  5. GraphQL with Apollo at least on the client, because I found using APIs directly can get ugly pretty fast if they aren't build by skilled devs.


1) React - Because I never dealt with a frontend framework

2) Improve C# Skills. Especially related to windows forms

3) Algorithms - Because I think it's a huge area in software development

4) Website Performance - Generally an important topic

5) Looking for ways to simplify deployment workflows and automation


I want to thank those who have shared their interests. I'm not surprised to see in each list things that are totally unknown to me.
I'll share my wish list:
1) Node.js
2) Websockets
3) NoSQL
4) I want to MASTER continuos delivery! A little bit ambitious
5) Improve a lot my Linux general knowledge. I've been always a Windows kind of beast, but this year decided to take a little time to use Linux servers and now I want a lot more of that


A few things I want to battle this year:

  • jest and mocking
  • learn more about networking and infrastructure (finding a lot of my work right now has been on this)

Web app performance (been working a lot on this lately)
Unit Testing

Improve my devops game.
Playing around with Drab (


Oh, and I'd really like to understand JS observables, generators and async/await better.


My only recommendation is to try serverless infrastructure.

It’s so dope, fast, simple and very low cost.


Really looking for a good use case for serverless as an excuse to pick it up

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