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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of May 2018)

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Vince Campanale • Edited

Ecosystems | Software Developer | Washington D.C. | Onsite

About the company:
We are a small company with big clients. We currently have a 4 person dev team and are hiring front-end UI specialists (design skills a plus) and people with an interest in tooling and processes to improve our rate of innovation (I guess you could call it DevOps).

The company has been around for nearly 20 years as a more of a services company, with a decent software offering. As of this year, the partners want to pivot to be more software/tech-focused and are going all out on supporting new tech initiatives, mostly new UIs and web-based assets for our clients. As mentioned, we have some huge tech-savvy clients, so the stuff you build will get plenty of use and recognition.

We have a flat organizational structure and a lot of freedom: unlimited PTO, lenient work-from-home policy, etc. Developers are given the trust and freedom to do their job well. New and innovative ideas are encouraged and valued. Collaboration is key.

Here's the job description (I, a real developer, wrote it):


  • Build software for some of the most innovative technology companies in the world
  • Design and iterate quickly with a small team of friendly people
  • Dive into the entire development lifecycle -- from requirements and design to QA and deployment

Relevant Experience

  • Candidates should be familiar with, if not proficient in:

    i) Angular (preferred) and/or AngularJS

    ii) Javascript (ES6+) (better yet, Typescript)

    iii) RxJS and Redux-like state management (ideally NgRx's flavor of it)

  • Candidates with the above experience will be preferred if they also know about:
    i) Java/Spring Framework
    ii) Relational databases and SQL


  • Experience working on a large, complex Angular and/or AngularJS app
  • Experience building PWAs
  • Knowledge of best practices in application security
  • Ability to program a reverse in-order traversal of a binary search tree blindfolded in one minute

IMPORTANT: If you don't know any of these technologies specifically, it's all good. This is just a wish-list. If you have worked on any enterprise Javascript/Typescript application, you're a qualified candidate (regardless of the framework). If you have an understanding of the Elm/Redux/NgRx-like architecture, but you work in Java every day, you're a qualified candidate. If you understand the reactive programming paradigm and can work with RxJS...etc

Do you sponsor visas? Not at this time.

How to Apply — email or application link:
Shoot me an email at with your resume and any other information you want me to know and we can go from there :)

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Stephen E. Chiang

I'll be sure to contact you if I ever come back to the States. Sounds perfect and I love DC!