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Software Engineer at Curiosity Media

Using Recursion to Loop in Elm

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Think Before You Test: A Guide to Writing Effective Unit Tests for Custom Events in Angular

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Elm Kata 3: Using Elm Core List and String Functions to Detect Anagrams

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Scoring Scrabble Words with Elm

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#discussDeveloper Halloween Costumes

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#discuss I Found My People at a Programming Meetup

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"Elm Has Me Leaping For Joy"

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Harnessing the power of Javascript's .map and .filter

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"My First Two Weeks Using VIM"

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#challengeRevisited: A Beginner's Solution to a Common Javascript Interview Challenge

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#challenge "Using the Vigenère Cipher to Encrypt a Message with Javascript"

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What is Javascript's `new` keyword doing under the hood?

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"Learn RxJS with a Button"

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