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Discussion on: Don't Give Up. Keep Iterating

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Jaime 🔥🧙‍♂️🔥 Author

Thanks for your comment André! :D

Just as a reminder, most people don't ever get to release something that sucks because they will give up earlier. Releasing is already an achievement.

Indeed it is! Sometimes you'll give up and other times you'll be scared of sharing your work with others. So definitely releasing is an achievement

After that point, if what you built doesn't have traction, now you will have to ask yourself whether you should iterate on it anyways or invest in one of those 37 ideas that you even bought the domain for already. Not a trivial question.

Not at all. I think it helps to know yourself and have a clear vision what it is that you want to take out from a project. Do you want to learn and tinker with a technology? Do you want to solve a problem for yourself? Do you want to start a profitable business? That helps you set expectations with yourself and know what to prioritize, when to stick and when to quit.

I say that I have given up too much already. It is time to iterate.

Yeah! :D