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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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Vinuka Kodituwakku

From your comment I can clearly see that you know nothing about Linux.Arch Linux is a rolling linux distro as per the definition of the name it gets updates every day I my self gets sometimes 5GB worth of updates every month thats the cost you have to bear to get the latest and greatest software and Kernel if you dont wont updates you can do with a vanilla Debian install or pop os (although I wouldn't recommend ubuntu).speaking of security its not that its not profitable to make a virus that work on linux there are many viruses that target linux but they are not efficient as that made for windows because of the permission management system of Linux.

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Security through obscurity just hides the fact that base system is actually less secure, the users being deceived. Have you ever read Android security docs and bulletin? Whonix docs? Qubes docs? Windows security docs? Do you even know the things I'm talking about? Probably not. You're just like "our permission model is best and prevent all security vulnerabilities from happening" ignoring how vulnerable is having xorg installed, the /proc leaking information, lack of strong sandboxing, moreover a compromised non-root account with sudo equals full root permission and your permission system won't help. We're talking about security model dude not permission model, they might have a tiny overlapping but dude they're not the same thing.

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Debarka Mondal

Try out zen kernel bro... I update daily on normal kernel the update varies from 2mb-250mb