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Redux is like taking the core part of react like hierarchy of components, state lifting and thigs like that and throw it away by the window


I saw on twitter most people saying that redux has become redundant with the introduction of hooks and Context. Also there is a new state management library recoil by facebook themselves.
I should have said any third party state management library.
This article by Kent C Dodds gives more insights on using one.

Good article, thx for sharing!
As a redux user, I have to add the "useReducer/Provider" approach to my to-try list. This JS fashion is changing so fast.. 😓

Just wanted to add: never feel bad because you haven't tried something yet. There always will be something new to try. And that new thing probably will have it's downsides either. Give it a chance when you feel it's time, don't push yourself 🙂


I assume you're already familiar with the core React library? Just for my curiosity, what parts of the React ecosystem do you currently know well and what makes you choose these as being on your radar?


Basic concepts of react like components, state, props and hooks. I have done a few small projects with react. But I never felt the need for global state I kept App.js component as the main comp and passed the state down as props, maybe that's because these projects I worked on, are small. I was happy with useReducer and useContext, so far. I still need to work on more intermediate level projects before touching any third party state management tool. I read a few articles about what problems does GraphQl solves and I also want to build a portfolio/blog with gatsby and since gatsby uses GraphQl, so I chose these.

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It just means you're a noob. Or <noob. I know you would criticize me, but that's not a joke,

Ok Thanks for pointing out that. It will be nice if you could share some resources or ideas to expand my knowledge. Thanks 😊. Have a nice day.

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I would. But only after next 10 hours. Check the time, its 0016 in India

As promised, here is my tweet for a successful web developer: twitter.com/Abhigya53544714/status...


+1 for Gatsby !

Yes that's definitely on my radar as well ... and GraphQL then comes naturally, Gatsby depends heavily on it ... React and (to a lesser extent) Redux as well.

I was also thinking about Rust, dabbled with it a bit but never found a practical application. Funny enough it seems that most people are interested in using Rust as a sort of frontend language (via WASM) while I associate it more with the backend.

Oh and Flutter maybe.

Gatsby however looks more of direct practical interest.

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