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Discussion on: What are your favorite coding challenge sites?

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Vitaly Krenel

Hey fellow devs! Thanks a lot, Madza, for gathering those up!

I want to add another project, that I created together with BandaWorks, it's called Housework Undoer.

🏗️ Housework Undoer is a project challenging you to build a full-fledged app.

📖 At the same time, you won't deal with just coding - you'll be going through a meaning story, that will introduce you to your users, explain their problem and this way help you learn how to build a product with users in mind.

🤖 To make more close to the real development workflow, we organized the project into multiple tasks, each one presenting you own challenges.

The project is still young, so we are looking for feedback.

We also willing to help if you have any question through the project or will struggle with something 😉

Take a look:

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Madza Author

My pleasure and thanks for the additional input! 🙏❤