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re: I stopped reading this article around the point where you wrote the word "stupid." Your use of this tone is a red flag that indicates to be that yo...

I get your point. I understand, that a strong language is a big no-no when it comes to debate.
You might get the idea that I have a some stance on this topic from the second disclaimer, but I'm not taking any - hence no reason for me to 'want to be right'. I just attempted to prepose the discussion with a bit of understanding (especially the women's side).

Despite what you probably think, I thought about whether to leave the word 'stupid' there and I'm ready to defend it:

  1. The word 'stupid' is hardly controversal in any context.
  2. In this context, I'm not adressing anyone. I'm calling a paradox resp. an argument stupid and I think justifiably.
  3. I believe, that a little bit of stronger language and political incorrectness serves as a great deterrent to the easily offended and quickly-judging people (those who don't want to discuss, because they won't listen).

Let me elaborate on the third point. For example:

You are assuming my intentions and my arrogance on this topic, distancing from actual message of this post, by focusing on a single 'not so bad' word used in directly non-offensive way.

So why do I think, is your comment so off, even when it seems so reasonable?

Well for example, you don't know whether it's a result of english not being my first language; it's not, but that's not relevant (I understand the semantics here). But argument holds: czech translation of 'stupid' is 'hloupý', which is absolutely part of literary composed language as opposed to, for example, 'dumb' meaning 'blbý'.
Similarly you don't know whether it's cultural or social matter (and hence without underlying intent).

If we apply a little bit of SJW stretching magic, one could say you are dissmissing my form of expression regardless of the content of the message, hence forcing me to follow social norm (and not express myself in a manner that I prefer) and effectively opressing me.

Of course I don't believe that, because that's stupid. I also really get your point, but try to understand where you are wrong. I would say it's just as simple-minded as ignoring someone just because of their looks.

Why is it always those who don't listen, that have the mind-reading ability.

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