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Maybe some clarification is in place. I realize now, that the use of 'clickbaity' title was probably a bad idea. So why another one of these posts?

Prejudice towards genders or races won't go anywhere. There are a psychobiological reasons for those. But we have the ability to think and look past them. No ad-hoc policy will fix that prejudice. And prejudice towards gender (or race) without understanding is the core of sexism (racism).

So how can we understand the other side? By having a discussion.

"Women want preferential treatment" was my personal view of the feminist agenda from years ago, partly because a 'proper' toxic sexism seemed so absurd and absent to me (given my environment). That have been changed by awesome women having an open discussion with me instead of shouting 'inequality'.
..And I'm thinking feminism in a most general sense possible here, steering away from the extremists.

The reason why I chose this medium is because I believe the dev community consists of intelligent, educated/informed and open-minded people. Sounds like a good place for fishing for opinions on this topic.

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