Work From Home

viveksharmaui profile image Slim Coder ・1 min read

Guy's today is work from home day for me because of coronovirus.

I am from Pakistan so i want to ask this question with all of you.
So what do you think is work from home is good thing to do?

I think today will be productive day for everyone from my company.
Because working from home is good choice and no time waste at all.


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I started working from home about 6 months ago. It has been great!

I would say that I am just as productive, possibly even more.

I don't miss the long drive to work, and I am eating much healthier food at home.


yes health and home is our first priority .


I’ve been working remotely for a bit more than 3 months now. So far I really like the flexibility it gives and no wasting time on commuting to the office. What helped me staying focused on work, and work only, was to convert the guest room to an office room. Here is where my external screen, keyboard, laptop is being used while working. On top of that, I have noise cancelling headphones and I keep the room closed during my working hours to not get distracted by daily activities happening in my flat. Even to the point that I do not answer the doorbell during my working hours. ;)

Fingers crossed that home office works out for you! 🤞


great!🦸💯 i like the way you did that . Thank you for sharing your experience .


It depends on the case but for some, it's also comfy, not rush hour, eat at home, etc.


I think if its work from home. I could save up money all day. lol


lol! yeah work from home can save alot of money!


Around last 5 years of my career as software developer has been remote work, so far is perfect.

Just do your job, that's all.