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This week was more roductive for me. I've mastered a lot of things Elastic Search, Kibana, Redis cache, PostgreSQL, And all this to take part in the development of one project.πŸ˜€ Before, when problems arose, I had time to sit down, think, find a solution myself, now I began to understand memes about hundreds of browser tabs🀣


When you are building a new project with new stack


Hi please reccomend a place i can learn all this.


Well, firstly dkwnload elastiksearh and Kibana servers elastic.co/ and run them, you will understand how it works, prloblems can be with requests to the Elastic, it's a powerfull Search engine with special syntax for queries, Query DSL, official docs as for me, not informative, I googled for a long time, experimented. About PostgreSQL, Just find a convenient library for your programming language, in python the best solution is sqlalchemy, the official documentation is very clear and simple, Studying the database is sure to familiarize you with migrations, a very necessary technology, studying the database is sure to familiarize you with migrations, a very necessary technology. Redist the easiest thing to understand, download server (There are also windows, but unofficial) redis.io/ You won't have any problems with understanding, the official library is almost all the programming languages.

There is no specific place with all the information, but the skill of extraction, filtering information is no less valuable. I hope it helps you with your travels) good luck

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