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re: AMAZING article sir, huge thank you to the immense amount of detail and effort put into setting up an amazing terminal workflow within windows. I'...

I'm really happy to read that, Zak! Thank you very much for sharing it!


Absolutely it deserves to be shared. I owe you a huge thank you, even just a week after reading this article I've taken a descent deep dive into electron as a whole. I've always known it's out there, but justified not deep diving into a rabbit whole.

I was shared this article on my youtube channel and at work. Then, perfectly timed, I actually ran into some problems with a small app I'm building that electron solved perfectly and quickly.

After working with in a minor way on an application, I was fanboying over electron to the lead software developer at my company. Two days later we were talking about it again and I was showing him my personal electron project.

Now, as I did a week earlier, he's coming to understand the incredible power behind Electron as well and we've been full geek out on the possibilities it has for our company. Nothing is for sure as of yet, but out of the blue he said "I can't wait to have you start building out our internal electron project to see what you can do with it."

It's an amazing company and they focus a ton on high quality talent, hiring less than 3% of applicants.

This week is only my third week, and although not a forsure thing, this article may have lead to an incredible opportunity early on a place stacked plum to the brim with talent and other needs.

Thank you for this share, I'll be checking in to see any new posts you create :)

Wow, Zak... That is amazing! Very happy to help!

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