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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Vinicius Soares Batista

If legal is a concern, why don't have an hour with a lawyer in order to clarify your worries?
I would go that way. Simple, fast, and hopefully not expensive. :)

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Sandor Farkas

I've in mind the following things:

  • generating terms&conditions
  • maybe register a trademark
  • checking that no existing trademark is violated
  • checking the business idea in general if some rules are getting violated
  • register a company

I doubt this is done in one our.
Or is this something you usually ignore for the beginning?

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Vinicius Soares Batista • Edited

OK, I agree. Didn't know you have so much questions....:)
Most of them seems related to trademarks, intellectual property, etc. I would go with some internet searches(google patents, USPTO search, the patent office in your country, etc) - you can have a good start point there and they are usually open for searches. Then, if something looks weird(e.g: someone is already using a trademark you would like to use), I would go for a layer or more specialized help.