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Vuild • Edited

Ok, but I get to pick the name.

  • Backed by [a] giant business(es) to be able to top 10 (marketing/support) long term. Ahem.
  • Ask the public for general feedback. Non tech, non 'study groups'. Real, poorer devs & devs who drive things but are not close to you. Who argue & dissent. Early "yes" = late no. Haters. Lots of haters.
  • Form a team of experts. Ask the Satoshis, Vitaliks, Craigs, Mikes, Dragonchains, bnbs, Geminis, Krakens, nanos, whalepandas & etcs (sorry if I missed you, there's so many). Talk to the young kids that have been taught crypto for off the wall ideas.
  • Distribute well (founders don't need a large % for once as they are already sustained).
  • Use my megacorp power to bring on money givers/buyers for better open sourcing.
  • Decentralize Github (parts, not whole). Do you want it to exist in 100yrs or secure share today? All code in one place is single point of failure. Legacy > Profit. No more moon tapes. Rewards for societal improvement are large & lasting.
  • Decentralized infrastructure repos (not private business ones) for core, universal stuff that eveyone needs (politics/incentive free vote machines. Swiss checking Brazilian code & vice versa). You can't manipulate my copy when you get in power (power shifts, always). Issues show fast. No single point of failure. DREPO.
  • Pay devs for building it out in coin & then to work on the most important open source projects that help infrastucture (street light efficiency, heart monitor software I guess). Humanity projects. TCP/IP type principles. Then random island X can have state-of-the-art efficient street lights like Norway (or wherever). That is game changing, just with what Github has already. With gold rush decentralized incentive? Hardest lives improved (this will drive devs hard I believe, with coin). Quickly. Treat the world as the platform to build things for profit on rather than profit-platforms (you can see where it always leads).
  • Allow bounty for private companies. If you turn up as a dev, fix my git issues & suggest a push, my co. can coin you. Great for job hunting, careeer & brand building. Attract the best by Taylor’s Motivation.
  • Fund support (help/videos/events/contests/airdrops/inclusion/legacy/whatever).
  • Governance I won't address in a list (at the moment crypto governance is making me think about gold).
  • Platform. Fresh (GITS - though, to Brits, Gits are something different), could be an existing (ETH/DRGN/EOS/other) or new coin or token. Not worth addressing without discussion/research/plans.
  • Bill of GITS. "Any GITS for anyone anywhere." type stuff. Rules that allow all businesses & people to use the GITS without concern of private company influence.
  • List on exchanges. Create the market. Create a foundation. Fund 1000yrs of hosting in advance. Free core code/framework for dev profits created by gold rush economics while on trend for the next generation to benefit from without losing sleep that the server/company/town/backups/tapes get lost to time.
  • Sustainability comes from HODL value, depth of infrastructure penetration (are only devs using coins or has it grown to be the only crypto left? Well, except Doge. 🥰).

When buys MS & merges it brutally, your GITS & DREPOs 👈 🤯 will live on beyond Ben's reach. You can form a hub of devs with GITS/DREPOs & start to take back control.

I think that covers a lot of the core elements, details can be ironed out.

Something like that I guess.