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This week GitHub shared that they were planning a GitHub Special Event for... today 😱

The Details

  • The event is currently planned for 1:30pm PT.
  • The GitHub team has a special livestream page set up
    • This page is using YouTube, which allows you to set reminders for when a scheduled stream goes live if you're signed into YouTube.

What We Know

  • GitHub is launching a new product (ref)
  • It's not a Responsive version of GitHub.com or Gist Notifications, since those have both already launched this week (ref, ref)
  • ???

Who to Follow (Twitter)

  • GitHub: I don't doubt that GitHub's socials will be actively tweeting whatever is happening.
  • Nat Friedman: Nat is the CEO of GitHub and has been very actively hyping this up. Definitely a good person to follow if you want to catch the messages from the source via a human.
  • Bryan Clark: Bryan is the individual who invited me to the event and is Director of Product for OSS Maintainers at GitHub. (That's a super awesome title, right?)
  • Tierney Cyren: That's me! I'll be at the event and would be kidding myself if I were to say I'd be doing anything other than live-tweeting the event while I'm there. Super hyped 😱

What Now?

I figured it would be awesome to kick off a discuss post to keep up with what everyone is thinking about and feeling about the event leading up to it and talk about whatever happens while it's happening.

A few questions I have for y'all to kick things off:

  • What do you think is going to be shared?
  • What would you love to see?
  • Do you think it's something that'll be available today or a longer-term thing?

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Partnering with Nintendo to release Octocat as the new Smash fighter.


I am on-board with this.


This is a Twitter thread where Nat is taking guesses:

This seems like a pretty good guess...


gitpod.io/ does that already. Also for Pull-Requests.

It's actually configured on github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to :-D
see github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to#...



I'm a big fan of what GitPod is doing. If I were you all I'd definitely be a bit concerned that being first to market isn't a big advantage when going up against Microsoft.

But then again, it's probably also a good thing to be in a space that's generally getting more players, because people are always going to have differing needs. I think the other stuff you all are doing with Theia is pretty cool. (Though I'm not quite sure how the various projects/companies co-exist so I might be thinking about it the wrong way)

Anyway, my DEV Connect inbox is open or ben@dev.to if you'd ever want to chat more about all that stuff. I just think it's really neat and there is probably more collaboration we might be able to do.

(Since this is an open comment, we're pretty much always open to interesting collabs with neat tooling πŸ˜„)


That would be awesome!


That guess is interesting because VS Online has existed for a while but it’s (IMO) extremely viable now that the Remote Development extension for VS Code exists and you could theoretically use that to work on any kind of machine from VS Online.


If it were something like this I think the value would be tightly coupled integration with GitHub.com rather than a standalone service πŸ€”

I think they will share more news and insights about GitHub actions and roll them out of beta


Microsoft acquires DEV?

I'm kidding! πŸ˜„

4:30pm ET on a Friday is interesting timing to have a mystery announcement. Right after the public markets close for the weekend. This is a non-coincidence.


Good point, that's a very odd time to announce a product launch. That's normally when you'd announce something bad that you'd hope would be forgotten immediately.


From what I’ve seen around GitHub shipping features recently, they ship a lot of tiny improvements rapidly and major things methodically.

Considering how much social hype they’re putting into this I doubt it’s something they’re going to want us to forget immediately πŸ€”

It's probably a good thing, but announcing after market close on Friday is odd.

Here's what I'm thinking now:

GitHub is now owned by a public company, literally the biggest public company in the world, and Microsoft probably has some kind of guideline around when to make certain kinds of announcements and this one falls into the "do it after the market closes on Friday" and the timing is probably more bureaucratic than strategic.

Once they get the marching orders on when to announce, the GitHub folks would want to hype it up as usual. Just a disconnect between the concerns of GH and the mothership, I'd guess.


Hmm, interesting take that I’d not considered! I know that many companies aim for Tuesday launches for maximum PR. Definitely something... unique about this timing.


There's no science, Friday evening on the east coast is usually reserved for things you don't want the market to have a knee-jerk reaction to.

Maybe they could see whatever they're announcing as being a distraction from other MS announcements this week, and they'd rather speak directly to the dev community, which is definitely not thinking the same way as the investment community.


Microsoft is going to opensource Windows 10 on GitHub :P


If only! Could finally roll a build without telemetry, Candy Crush Saga, Cortana, and all the other cruft!


I mean I wouldn't be upset if that were the case, but I doubt it – that would have been announced at Build 😜


"one more thing..." :D


Maybe they'll have their own CI/CD.


I’m super curious to know what you think of GitHub Actions as CI/CD - I honestly think it’s pretty viable considering Actions are put into containers πŸ€”


Actually, I am really eager to get my hands on GitHub Actions. Got a lil something I want to do and using the Actions might be a lot easier than building Probot.


The timing really does stick out, as Ben mentioned. It feels like it isn't an acquisition. If it's relevant to developers and something the market may not like I'd have to think it's related to open sourcing something or giving something additional away for free? No idea what that would look like though.


Github For Samsung Fridge.


"Err: You have unfinished snacks out. Please finish or return your unfinished snacks before grabbing another one"


If it's just Dark Mode in GitHub, I'll be very disappointed. :)


Considering Nat has said it's a "new product", I doubt it... unless they're launching a theme marketplace for GitHub πŸ˜…


That would be a curveball if I've ever seen one.


I’m curious what the motivation behind that would be πŸ€”


30% commission?



Dev pay for fixing tech.

Interesting idea. How would you personally go about implementing and incentivizing that so it was sustainable?

Ok, but I get to pick the name.

  • Backed by [a] giant business(es) to be able to top 10 (marketing/support) long term. Ahem.
  • Ask the public for general feedback. Non tech, non 'study groups'. Real, poorer devs & devs who drive things but are not close to you. Who argue & dissent. Early "yes" = late no. Haters. Lots of haters.
  • Form a team of experts. Ask the Satoshis, Vitaliks, Craigs, Mikes, Dragonchains, bnbs, Geminis, Krakens, nanos, whalepandas & etcs (sorry if I missed you, there's so many). Talk to the young kids that have been taught crypto for off the wall ideas.
  • Distribute well (founders don't need a large % for once as they are already sustained).
  • Use my megacorp power to bring on money givers/buyers for better open sourcing.
  • Decentralize Github (parts, not whole). Do you want it to exist in 100yrs or secure share today? All code in one place is single point of failure. Legacy > Profit. No more moon tapes. Rewards for societal improvement are large & lasting.
  • Decentralized infrastructure repos (not private business ones) for core, universal stuff that eveyone needs (politics/incentive free vote machines. Swiss checking Brazilian code & vice versa). You can't manipulate my copy when you get in power (power shifts, always). Issues show fast. No single point of failure. DREPO.
  • Pay devs for building it out in coin & then to work on the most important open source projects that help infrastucture (street light efficiency, heart monitor software I guess). Humanity projects. TCP/IP type principles. Then random island X can have state-of-the-art efficient street lights like Norway (or wherever). That is game changing, just with what Github has already. With gold rush decentralized incentive? Hardest lives improved (this will drive devs hard I believe, with coin). Quickly. Treat the world as the platform to build things for profit on rather than profit-platforms (you can see where it always leads).
  • Allow bounty for private companies. If you turn up as a dev, fix my git issues & suggest a push, my co. can coin you. Great for job hunting, careeer & brand building. Attract the best by Taylor’s Motivation.
  • Fund support (help/videos/events/contests/airdrops/inclusion/legacy/whatever).
  • Governance I won't address in a list (at the moment crypto governance is making me think about gold).
  • Platform. Fresh (GITS - though, to Brits, Gits are something different), could be an existing (ETH/DRGN/EOS/other) or new coin or token. Not worth addressing without discussion/research/plans.
  • Bill of GITS. "Any GITS for anyone anywhere." type stuff. Rules that allow all businesses & people to use the GITS without concern of private company influence.
  • List on exchanges. Create the market. Create a foundation. Fund 1000yrs of hosting in advance. Free core code/framework for dev profits created by gold rush economics while on trend for the next generation to benefit from without losing sleep that the server/company/town/backups/tapes get lost to time.
  • Sustainability comes from HODL value, depth of infrastructure penetration (are only devs using coins or has it grown to be the only crypto left? Well, except Doge. πŸ₯°).

When Dev.to buys MS & merges it brutally, your GITS & DREPOs πŸ‘ˆ 🀯 will live on beyond Ben's reach. You can form a hub of devs with GITS/DREPOs & start to take back control.

I think that covers a lot of the core elements, details can be ironed out.

Something like that I guess.


GitHub Community Edition. They will open source their core product similar to how Gitlab is doing it.


Some Azure integration, potentially around CI/CD flows.


An Azure integration, or anything over "Microsofty", could be one reason to do this late Friday if they didn't want to stir up too much controversy over GitHub's pseudo-independence from the mothership.

Just a random thought.


The link you provide for readers to find out when 1:30pm PT is in their time zone give the result of a google search for 1:30 ET.


Oh no, that’s not what I intended. Updating now to remove it but open to alternative links if you have suggestions! πŸ‘


Heh - looks like they bought an Artifactory licence :)


my guess is increased integration with MS Cloud in some significant way. (totally blind guess)


Github announces a code quality tool called: GitGud


I think we just got tricked into watching 30 minutes of Github adverts.