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Latin x Python - 28/01/23

So it's been almost a week since I started working on Latin is fun, a website whose ultimate aim is to help children around the world learn Latin in a fun way.
My aim for now though is to create a website which can easily generate questions like English-Latin, Latin-English or grammar questions (eg. what case a word is in).

Features I have added since Monday:

  • I have completed the noun_english_to_latin function. So it can take in a word and convert it to English. The Latin word can be in any declension and it can convert to any case.
  • I have started making the project into a website (using Flask)
  • I have made an all nouns page (it shows all the nouns in the wordlist, and its latin nominative, genitive and declension)
  • I have made a similar all verbs page, which shows all the verbs in the wordlist, its 4 forms, and its conjugation
  • I have added 2 pages, one for converting verb from english to latin, and one for converting noun from english to latin
  • The website contains some basic CSS (similar to the CSS on my portfolio website)


Main Page:
main page

All Nouns Page:
all nouns

Convert Verb English to Latin Page:
convert verb

Thanks for reading.
If you want to support me with this project, make sure to follow me and like this post!
If you have any suggestions, comment below.

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Samuel Collier

Looking good!!

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