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re: Why did you choose to make a dedicated extension rather than a ruleset for an existing content blocker such as ublock?

Hi Ben 😀! There are two main reasons:

  • not all people use ads blockers 🤷‍♂️.
  • there are a lot of different implementations of cookie consent dialogs that cannot be resolved by a simply filter list or ruleset. In some cases... it is a complex problem that need to be resolved by a more specific solution like this.

Thanks for your comment and I hope you give a chance to this extension! 👍


I've been thinking about making an extension recently to do something similar, but for post types on places that don't let you configure them in your feed. Something that observes infinite-scroll mutations, checks the text content against a list of patterns and if there's a match, removes or updates the appropriate parent node.

I know that some extensions these days will work in multiple browsers (Firefox and Chrome being the main variations). Does yours do the same and if so was there anything special you had to do to get it to work?

Wow! It sounds good Ben! I urge you to start working on it 🤩.

My extension is compatible with Chromium based browsers (like Chrome, Edge and Opera for example) but not with Mozilla Firefox 😢.

This is fault of one of APIs I'm using in Do Not Consent, the runtime JavaScript API, it has a small difference between Chromium and Mozilla... in Chrome you access it through chrome.runtime.exampleMethod() but in Mozilla you access it through browser.runtime.exampleMethod(). In short, you only need to be careful with this less usual APIs that have this small differences.

Perhaps, in the near future, I'm going to add support for Firefox too. It should be easy... 🤔.

But from what you've said, I think you won't have this problem using only vanilla JavaScript (be careful if you use ECMAScript, you know it didn't support by old browsers like IE 🤣). Also, I'm sure you know MutationObserver API, it will help you a lot with infinite scroll lists observing tasks.

Have a nice day! 😀

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