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Wassim Ben Jdida
Wassim Ben Jdida

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Understanding the fancy words in software industry.

Two days ago I was searching to understand some "fancy words" in the software industry, but it took me some time to find it and actually understand it.

so I created stupid fancy words GitHub repo to explain the words I daily find in simple and understandable way. and planning to add examples.

I'm sharing this so you guys help me out in adding more and more words and also to people who find some "magic" words while they are learning something new. cause understanding them will help you so much in mastering that topic (language or whatever cool thing you are learning).

Thanks for reading. 😄

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AdithyaR-afk • Edited on
  1. ACID Compliant
  2. Performant
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Client Hydration
  5. Type Safety
  6. Borrow checking
  7. Pub Sub
  8. Lazy loading

are some weird sounding terminologies to me first time I hear them

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Wassim Ben Jdida Author

Cool ! I will surely add those to the list.

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Adish Jain

I think you could also add "cluster" to this list!