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+1 on notion... It has replaced the following apps for me:

Parts of Google calendar

I use it for:
Tracking personal goals, projects, recipes, general ideas and inspiration, gift ideas, tasks, appointments, course notes in markdown, code snippets and workflow cheat sheets,and my workout log!


Curious, how do you guys use it for code snippets?

I would also love a example on how to organise code snippets in notion. I was thinking of creating one big board with a tag on the different code bases, js, vue, php, regex, ect or create a board for each.


Is the code experience better in Notion than Boostnote ?

I have never used Boostnote, but I have 0 complaints about code in Notion

There are some things that are more text editor-like with boost.

However, I'm more than happy with notion. I did ask them to create a new feature where you can specify the code type without having to select from a drop-down menu. Hopefully they'll implement it soon.


Oh my god... I just discovered this amazing tool with your comment. Thanks you so much <3


Hello, you can check Code Notes, my first open source project :)
Here is the link of the article on


I've been working on to solve this problem, mostly because I couldn't find anything that had all the features I feel are important in a code note app.

I found a method that works for me that I wrote about here: Regardless of what software you use, see if that works for you!


I use Boostnote. May not be what you're looking for, but I have it synced to my dropbox so I can multiple instances.


Boostnote is awesome and so is the team working on it. It's also an open source project that is great for people looking for oss opportunities


I use Boostnote (after a long time with CherryTree) but I'm looking for a tool like TiddlyWiki


Our team are developing a note taking app for developer.

If you have any comments and suggestions, do let us know :)

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