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🧠 Two Weeks of LinkedIn stories

I started making stories as kind of a brain dump a few times per day and posting them to LinkedIn. Here are the last 11 days of stories

I store all the stories on my website with the hopes of doing something with them on my own platform eventually. For now it makes it easy to make these posts.

cd static/stories
ls | xargs -I {} echo '![]({})'
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Stories 10-10-2020 - 10-21-2020

I have been writing short snippets about my mentality breaking into the tech/data industry in my newsletter, 👉 check it out and lets get the conversation started.

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Chris Bongers

Nice ones, did it have much engagement doing the stories?
Also, are you reposting to like Instagram, just since it's the same format and done already?

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Waylon Walker

I posted a few to instagram, but most of the folks that follow me on Instagram are family.

I am getting 5-12 views per post so it is super low right now. I think it suffers in that its only on the mobile view and most people browse LinkedIn with a desktop. I think if they enable it on desktop or get better mobile traffic it will pick up.

One thing that I have noticed is that its a very focused audience of people within my network, so even though the numbers are super low they are potentially a bit more meaningful.

We are hiring at work right now and one benefit I have noticed this time around is that we have had several folks reach out and say I would love to come work with you because it looks like you get to work with cool tech and I would like the opportunity to learn from you..... Those kind of comments may be a bit more of an ego boost than one needs 😜.

I did repost a few to my feed, this one for instance got 1K 👀. I posted a few to twitter and got a few hundred 👀 and a little engagement.

itertools.product post

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Chris Bongers

Oh that's cool! Love the side effect of people finding you as a person interested in the job! That's actually a first time hearing that.

As for Instagram, yeah not the best audience, was just thinking since the content is already done :D

Keep up the good work, long term investments