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Discussion on: Where does Python Shine Over Node?

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Waylon Walker

Great question. I feel the answer really comes down to the community and the ecosystem. So much of what defines modern language is its ecosystem of packages, and people. If you are most productive using node then use it. There is no reason that you need to use one or the other. If there are packages in the other that might make your work easier that is a valid reason to check it out.

Each has its niche. I don't think that anyone is going to be starting up a data science shop running nodejs anytime soon. There just isn't the pool of talent to hire from for it. Could you do Data Science in nodejs, absolutely. Is it likely that there are successful people out there that are far more productive writing data science in nodejs, probably. It you want to build a team or be hired on a team you need to be where the community is. Sometimes both have a strong community, other times there is a clear winner.