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A new endeavor to reach the next level

I find myself on a new endeavor, as the previous one was simply the wrong thing to do, while on my quest to mend the world.

On the road to success I will have no friend as my duty requires me to banish such things from my life. A duty that is mine alone and no one else's for my ambitions are mine alone and no one else's. In this endeavor, there is only me and these mathematical objects of my study, abstract insentient beings who command the world I seek to conquer.

This endeavor, where now the answers I now seek can be found in books, calls for me to find ideas not from the world that my physical form is well acquainted with, the reality that you love so very much and have created a comfortable abode in, but instead, yet another new world whose truths enjoy great sovereignty over our realities. A world whose lands have only been scarcely mapped by the few men and women who dared to survey it.

It is the world of the advanced sciences' insentient lawgivers and commanders who determine what is exactly what along with the why and the how.

A world of great power that even you have a natural instinct toward. Its allure can easily tempt you toward its empty embrace and it ultimately does seduce you, should you decide to answer its beckoning, leaving you at its freezing cold mercy.

A world that requires the same essential courage that our predecessors had. Their same essential strength.

A world that I must venture in so that I may extract its utility for my benefit: the success of the Prosperity program before this year ends. A success and goal that is simple: to achieve a nondominated socioeconomic status, a local optimum of prosperity, as having a dominated socioeconomic status is simply unfavorable.

While learning advanced sciences and mathematics for practical applications, you do not really directly compete with other participants, especially as few dare to venture into this world. You instead only compete with yourself, your past self, for the sake of your future self and at the expense--the suffering--of your present self.

These are simply the requirements for the success of this endeavor.

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