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The Results of my Fourth Quarter of the Year 2018

webdva profile image Jermaine Easterling Originally published at Updated on ・4 min read

A compilation of the activities that I engaged in during the fourth quarter of the year 2018.

Activities worthy of notice

  • I discontinued the Pantsu versus Baka project. As a result of the Pantsu versus Baka project:

    • I further gained experience in marketing and media manipulation. I discovered the strategy of the combination of inbound and outbound marketing.
    • I began to adopt the process of creating comprehensive documentation for systems and integrated this into my startup process.
  • My systems engineering and project management skills improved and entered a new phase.

  • I made the Spooky Thing Halloween game being driven by market and consumer data.

  • I promoted sanitized versions of my How to draw a line in D3.js and How to perform text classification using supervised learning tutorials on the online community platform and achieved excellent effects.

  • Leveraging the marketing knowledge and experience that I gained in the previous quarter (Q3 2018), I gained a foothold in the Reddit social space and began a clandestine, slow, and delicate Reddit influence and presence expansion campaign.

  • I discovered that I had a detrimental bias toward marketing due to a set of cognitive distortions and cognitive biases and then I began to modify my startup process to allocate more effort to the engineering of the product for this current phase.

  • I achieved the Initial Product Release of my first multiplayer game.

Networked multiplayer browser game development

IPR demonstration

  • I learned the framework for creating web applications that require real-time bidirectional event-based communication, namely for creating networked multiplayer browser games.

  • I discontinued the use of the framework and migrated to the ws Node.js WebSocket library and simultaneously learned the browser native WebSocket API.

  • I learned about typed arrays in JavaScript for creating binary data protocols for multiplayer browser games.

  • I gained the capability to develop simple multiplayer browser game server technology and I am now in possession of newly created multiplayer browser game server technology.

  • Leveraging my newly gained multiplayer browser game development skills and knowledge, I began conducting research for the sake of gaining the means to develop large scale persistent multiplayer games.

3D game development

Showing off new attack animation

  • I gained the capability to create basic and suitable 3D models and animations using the Blender 3D modeling and animation utility.

  • I began learning and operating the Babylon.js 3D game development framework utility and gained the capability to develop 3D browser games.

  • I started up the Gemini Project to provide the means and experience needed to develop a 3D multiplayer game. And as a result of the recent progress of the Gemini Project, I am currently in possession of newly created documentation and technology related to 3D game development.

  • I created my first ever area of effect attack for a 3D game with new hit detection technology that will be used on the server side of the planned 3D multiplayer game. In the .gif below, when the player gets within range of the dummy target box and uses the attack, a hit is registered as indicated by the dummy target box changing color.

Area of effect display

A look through the systems thinking paradigm

The probability of my endeavor's success has increased from the previous quarter (Q3 2018) being governed by the nature of the mission success factor predictive mathematical model


with P(S) being the probability of success for an endeavor where s is the number of dimensions of complexity associated with the endeavor with s > 1, t is the time elapsed for a particular point in time of the endeavor, and c is the combined value of complexity of all the complexities associated with the endeavor with c > 0.

In addition to the probability of my endeavor's success slowly but surely increasing as time progresses, my endeavor's probability of success is being further increased with the successful optimization of my utility factors. Utility factors which include integrity, strength, courage, and commitment.


Short term

With great struggle and endurance, I will achieve the Prosperity program's success with its goal being the establishment of a modest amount of revenue as an independent hacker before the year 2020.

Long term

After I achieve the success of the Prosperity program, a decade long grind with the goal of obtaining even greater rewards as a technology entrepreneur will begin, as though I were grinding for a high score in a video game, especially as I play to win. The utilities gained during the Prosperity program will be used for the success of that post-Prosperity campaign.

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