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Q1 2019 Report

The report for the first quarter of the year 2019.

Game development effects and achievements

I further improved my 3D modeling abilities.

3D modeling

I further improved my 3D animation abilities.

Weight painting

I achieved an implementation of client-side linear interpolation combined with client-side prediction for a networked multiplayer game.

Client-side linear interpolation

I gained the capability to create and use shaders. I published a reference for constructing shaders.

Shader demonstration

I achieved collision detection for a networked multiplayer 3D game.

3D collision detection demonstration

Product development

I began development of a 3D multiplayer browser game that went through many iterations.

It first looked like this, a game with RPG combat:

One of the initial iterations

And then it looked like this, an innovative pseudo-massive multiplayer flying shooter game idea:

One of the final iterations

Engineering and scientific capabilities gained

  • I achieved the implementation for a conditional front-end browser source code minification system.
  • I learned the concept of affine transformations for 3D game development, including movement along a forward facing vector and position translations in three dimensional space.
  • I gained the capability to achieve rotations in three dimensional space for a 3D game, involving the knowledge of Euler angles and rotation matrices.
  • I gained an understanding of quaternions.
  • I learned new mathematical concepts such as the hyperplane separation theorem for implementing collision detection with oriented bounded boxes in three dimensions.

Strategic commercial activities

  • I planned to enter the modern browser game market space to obtain a portion of that market share in an effort to accomplish the Prosperity program's goal of establishing income as a technology entrepreneur before the year 2020.

  • I failed to achieve the Initial Product Release of a 3D multiplayer browser game before the end of the quarter.

  • I considered a pivot from the business-to-consumer segment of game development due to a possible lack of founder-customer fit. Due to a set of cognitive biases and distortions, I actually may have been mistaken about the value of such consumer markets to me as an entrepreneur.

Personal aspects/Operating agent status

  • I discovered and adopted the utility of eternal optimism. I now bear all the utilities needed to meet the requirements for having the right stuff.

Summary of the quarter

I worked on the development of a 3D multiplayer browser game and obtained very useful capabilities. I am now in possession of more advanced technology, knowledge, and processes than what was had in the previous quarter (Q4 2018).


Short term

With a great commitment to the Prosperity program and to doing the right thing, the Prosperity program's success will be achieved, which is, ultimately, the convergence to a local optimum of prosperity.

The far future

Greater courage, integrity, commitment, and other treasures will be obtained. Greater nondominated solutions will be converged to and lesser dominated states diverged from.

With the predicted post-Prosperity assets and capital that will be obtained, I will be able to eventually establish a far-reaching enterprise that engages in experimental physics and mend the world in innovative ways.

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