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Q2 2019 Report

The report for the second quarter of the year 2019.

Game Development

3D multiplayer browser game

I continued developing the commercial 3D multiplayer browser game that was started up in the previous quarter (Q1 2019) of the year. Some aspects of the game product's creation:

  • I implemented health bars for a 3D game, an achievement to note because of the technicality of displaying a two-dimensional planar object that always faces the viewer/player inside a three-dimensional space. This was made possible in part by the nature of the commendable Babylon.js game development framework (which was used to make the game) and the wealth of resources provided for its use.

  • Similarly, I achieved having visible player names that are displayed above players' heads (identifying them for other players) for a 3D multiplayer game, which is a common requirement for 3D multiplayer games. Also, the player names are randomly generated on the server side.

  • I achieved having 3D models attached to other 3D models, such as having characters holding weapon items in some manner.

  • I gained experience in using procedural animation for player characters' attacks.

  • I prototyped and achieved role-playing game (RPG) classes with stats-based damage calculation and real-time 3D multiplayer action RPG combat.

Archer class attack

  • I created rudimentary artificial intelligence behavior for nonplayer characters (NPCs) with attacking and aggroing and de-aggroing functionality.

NPC attack

  • I achieved and implemented leveling or progression functionality/mechanics.

Level up game mechanic


Multiple issues plagued the development of the 3D multiplayer browser game. There was an actual lack of entrepreneur-customer fit: despite my great commitment to players and gamers, I was unable to find a solution that would benefit both of us, me the entrepreneur and players the customers. The monetization of the proposed and budding free-to-play game product warranted great consideration due to the ethical implications of the planned monetization strategy that conflicted with my integrity, my compassion for players.

As such, the 3D multiplayer browser game has been abandoned in favor of better solutions. Note that no technical problem that arose posed an actual risk to the project's success.

Do not fret, however. The data, knowledge, lessons learned, experience, documentation, and technology obtained from the 3D multiplayer browser game's development is being converted to utility for the success of a new endeavor. Furthermore, note that it is possible for me to release or even open source the game (with its associated documentation having to be shared along with it) for the purpose of helping to facilitate the spread of free knowledge and technology so that others may benefit. But there is no need to do so.

Current Tasks

I recently discovered, thanks in part to my game development experience with Euler angles and quaternions in the previous quarter (Q1 2019), the utility of abstract or pure mathematics and I am now engaged in a new initiative that involves me learning and studying mathematics, abstract mathematics even, which is often the theory behind the theory, to find from there--as therein lie the secrets of the world, the arcane and mystical arts--an idea with which to successfully start up a business with the achievement of revenue, however slight the revenue. This has to all be done in less than six months, by the way, before the end of the year 2019, before the start of the next decade.

I have faith that such an innovative, yet risky, process will work and that it will turn out well in the end for me and I'm eternally committed to ensuring that the favorable end does occur, being responsible for my envisioned success and commanding its arrival.

The Future

With the current infrastructure being built and established--because that's what I've been essentially doing this whole time as an entrepreneur with all my "successes" and "failures," "lessons learned," etc.--I'm going to perform great deeds with such utility in my possession.

One of my ambitions is to give rise to entire new industries and jobs, prosperity for all. That's the kind of entrepreneur I am becoming.

So it's imperative that my Prosperity program is successful as it will enable me to begin to perform such a large deed, just as the success of the Apollo program of yore proved that the United States and its system of freedom and democracy was more capable than that of its antithesis. May I too converge to a nondominated solution of unprecedented heights, for efforts to change the world can be considered to essentially be multiobjective optimization problems.

I need only do the right thing, which is to succeed, facilitated by courage, integrity, and strength.

I do not seek an inconsiderate disruption of anyone or anything. I only wish to engineer a future of prosperity for the world and for myself to diverge from a dominated socioeconomic status. I am prepared to fulfill any role and perform any task that the world requires of me so that this duty may be fulfilled.

And it appears that I must play the part of the innovator who traverses previously unexplored spaces without a role model to follow or useful literature to refer to, without the aid of anyone else as no one else is able to help me because no one else has experience with such spaces, knowing what is the right thing to do. As such, I must envision--I must create--the future me that will function as that role model and I must create my own literature of success. With these obligations that are of my own volition and design, I effect a self overcoming. This is what I have found myself in, faced with such unprecedented challenges that require equally exceptional courage and strength, as the me of the past when I began this entrepreneurship journey undoubtedly did not expect such responsibility and profoundness.

Nonetheless, I'm starting up a business and it is a great investment in my future, so I'm fully committed to its success.

For the sake of the future.

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