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10 Popular Hybrid App built to React Native

It is quite fascinating to acknowledge the rise of React Native technology. This technology came into existence in the year of 2013 through the Hackathon project of Facebook. But, now it has evolved as one of the most in-demand frameworks to develop different types of Android and iOS application. In the year of 2015, Face declared in the F8 conference about the React Native availability. From there on the developers around the world has come up with some of the most advanced applications which are the mark of a new era in the mobile world.

From organizations to startups, React Native has become the preferred choice for the ones looking for mobile app development services. Here in this article, we bring 10 of the most popular applications developed with the use of React Native technology, take a look:


As stated above, React Native came into existence with the hackathon project of Facebook. Yes, the company was in seeking for web development process which can help them with all the benefits to get the whole product to a smartphone.

Why React Native?
This was originally done so that they can pave their way to iOS. But, now it has grown into a big platform serving both Android and iOS. React Native was developed so that they can have their own Ads Manager application in both Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads was developed as a first application build with React Native technology for the Android platform. It helped manage complex attributes like time zones difference, date formats, currencies and more.

Why React Native?
Usage of React Native technology goes the speed going of the application. Yes, it was quite fast and whatever be the operation, it completed within a second or two without any kind of issues. It literally made the overall experience amazing.


Walmart is one of the popular and largest online retailers. Yes, the company is always striving hard to help customers avail the best of experience which can help them purchase their goods online with ease.

Why React Native?
To enhance their performance big time, they jumped into the pool to React Native technology. It was a very bold move and it helped customers with exceptionally smooth experience.


Bloomberg is a very popular application around the world known for providing a wide range of interactive content in the form of videos with personalized news and live feeds.

Why React Native?
To make the experience for its audience smoother and better, the use of React Native technology was taken into consideration. It helps in code automation and accelerates development new attributes making the process extremely easy.


Being a very simple and easy to use social media application, it was a challenge for Instagram to shift their mode of operation to React Native technology. But Instagram accepted it and gained an amazing response.

Why did they choose to React Native?
Well, shifting to React Native technology helped application with better performance and assisted it to work with faster speed. Now it is acknowledged to be one of the most popular React Native applications.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud is a platform which allows its users to have their own account and keep the feeds buzzing all the time. During the starting phase, the company did find it difficult to publish it in the iOS platform. But with React Native technology, the developers find the way to get it published.

Why React Native?
It was easier for developers to work on the React Native technology and it becomes simpler for them to build the application which can be used in both iOS and Android platforms.


Townske is an exceptionally developed application to help its user with a trip guide for their next vacation. It helps them connect with the locals with which they can visit the top attractions there and explore more while being on the trip.

Why React Native?
With the use of React Native technology, the application becomes more responsive and native to the environment. It enhanced its speed and made the performance better and smoother.


This application allows one to go through its entire life story with ease. It is basically a health application dealing more with the steroids and tracking your steps count, heart rate, workout, and several more daily activities.

Why React Native?
With the infusion of React Native technology, it helped the application enhance its interface and made it even more interactive. Each and every attribute can be managed is much more responsive and manageable.


Wix is one of the most proficient names in the business known for providing web design and hosting services. Yes, it allows users to create its own application and too without having any idea of coding.

Why React Native?
They shifted to React Native technology which helped them with better efficiency and productivity. Yes, it made the work process quicker and users were able to work upon their needs with ease. exclusively allows its users to opt for online form for their preferred restaurants and shops as their needs and requirements. There are more than millions of customers ordering through this application while being at home or at work.

Why did they choose?
With the inclusion of react native technology, the application gets better attributes with which they can enhance their performance. Yes, the users can avail the functions like compass, zoom, rotate and more.

So, this shows how React Native has evolved over the years and helped business with a better experience by helping them develop applications with any attribute and potential. If you have an idea and desire to showcase that through React Native application, then do check out more related to React Native development solutions.

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