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I also feel that lists of tutorial links get a lot of attention here, but aren't the most useful and is not original content. I want to "be the change you want to see in the world" by posting original content.

I can relate to that. Honestly whenever I see a post which is barely organized, with probably 10 minutes of work in it, consists of just some copy pasted links and a very few details that are not even really useful or informative getting hundreds of reactions, I kind of feel a bit upset.

I see much much better posts than those that barely get any attention.

I'm also trying to create articles about topics that haven't really been covered yet, and can be useful to many people.

Unfortunately, JS completely dominates this site, especially React. If you make an article about JS, attention is pretty much guaranteed. But if it's about PHP for example, people don't really care about it.

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