Why do you write on DEV?

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What's your reason for constantly writing on DEV, sometimes spending even hours or days on a single post?

  • Are you seeking attention, want to get lots of reactions?
  • Do you want to share your experiences/ideas?
  • Want to help others with your posts?
  • Maybe for future references?
  • Or something completely else?

Let's discuss, tell us why you write here 😄

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I think there was a post on DEV a while back that said something along the lines of "write for your past self" by creating content you would have liked to had access to when you were learning about X, and "write for your future self" by distilling your learnings into a post and having it there to refer back to.

I can't remember what the post was/who by so sorry if I am mangling it 😂 Anyway, it resonated and I think it sums up pretty well why I post on DEV.


Mostly, to document the journey; but also to make use there are some readers.

I would be more pleased if there are comments, but it is hard to get one. -- As I can learn more from comments than likes.

I also posted with #help before, but there aren't comments -- only likes and bookmarks.


I have started to write as a way to record techniques that I learnt on the job in a way that can help others as well. Also, as someone who works on proprietary software, I am afraid that all of the tricks and techniques that I've learnt will be lost if I ever leave my current employer. I am someone who relies heavily on notes because I deal with many different technology stacks and my worst nightmare is losing my notes.


1.) To get out of my comfort zone. I absolutely hate writing but, it's a necessary skill. Learning how to communicate with others can get you far in life.

2.) If I can teach/explain a concept clearly to someone else I'm one step closer to mastery.

3.) To document want I've learned so far. Being mostly self taught dev can be daunting. Writing about what I've learned helps me to see the progress that I've made.


I want to participate in the community, share my experiences, and discuss them with others. I hope that others can benefit from my posts.

I also feel that lists of tutorial links get a lot of attention here, but aren't the most useful and is not original content. I want to "be the change you want to see in the world" by posting original content.

It is also helpful to take the knowledge that you have or a topic you want to learn and organize it into a post. It helps reinforce that topic and allows you to better discuss it.

Overall, I think it is a rewarding experience.


I also feel that lists of tutorial links get a lot of attention here, but aren't the most useful and is not original content. I want to "be the change you want to see in the world" by posting original content.

I can relate to that. Honestly whenever I see a post which is barely organized, with probably 10 minutes of work in it, consists of just some copy pasted links and a very few details that are not even really useful or informative getting hundreds of reactions, I kind of feel a bit upset.

I see much much better posts than those that barely get any attention.

I'm also trying to create articles about topics that haven't really been covered yet, and can be useful to many people.

Unfortunately, JS completely dominates this site, especially React. If you make an article about JS, attention is pretty much guaranteed. But if it's about PHP for example, people don't really care about it.


1) Side hustle
2) Personal branding for people to come to me to do work on my niche.
3) Documenting my journey as I learn more things.


I think all of these things. :)

Unfortunately, a huge part of being human involves seeking validation or approval of some sort for anything we create or contribute to.

It's great to be in a place where you can bounce off ideas, discuss openly and also share without having to worry about whether something is right or wrong.

Also, I'm pushing myself to put my thoughts out there without getting bogged down by my insecurities. It's a start. :)


I am newbie on Dev.to, but I hope find cool material and friend. And may be new interesting projects 😄


For me it's definitely about learning something then explaining so in the future when I inevitably forget, I have something to look back on. If I also help someone else learn then that's a bonus!


Well, I am quite new to both the programming and the blogging (I am still in high school and I only have 2 posts so far) and I find it to be very rewarding - I get to share knowledge, help others and help myself at the very same time, as writing can be a very powerful learning experience.


It help to complete my programming assignments. It provides me java assignment help. Thanks


Call me a pessimist, but my take is that people do it only to look good in front of non-dev folks. I'm sure they link their dev.to profile in their CV (well, I do too :D) so that the folks can see the amazing articles they have written. The problem is that everyone targets the low-hanging fruit: React tutorial, Getting started with TypeScript, Promises explained, My best sources for XYZ, Career advice ... I mean, guys, come on! These topics have been done to their death already.


So much this.

I was hesitant to write anything because I don't fit that mould but decided to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. I've barely had any traffic to my post, but I don't care because I'm sure that at least one person will find it useful!


Yup! If you go to my profile, you'll see that there's only one popular article called "MongoDB has no use case". I was just trying to have fun and give it a playful tone while wanting to learn about MongoDB from experienced folks. I had never expected the storm it kicked up, and not a week goes by when 2-3 people don't react to it. :P

Other than that, it's useless posts like "Why are new people following me on Dev.to?", "Can't find TDD courses on Node", etc. These are problems I was struggling with, and I'd rather spend time here to learn something new as opposed to learning the same thing (or teaching the same thing) over and over again. :D

I'm taking a page out of your book--going to start writing sarcastic articles about technologies to learn something new

Be my guest! But do be warned: people are absolute morons. Despite the clearly highlighted disclaimers and all, people have abused me of being ignorant and called me all sorts of things. But I did get some very good responses, and a couple of folks even sent me nice emails about it! Not to mention I learned a lot and do use MongoDB now in some limited settings. :D


Usually as part of the learning process.

  1. Learn it.
  2. Do it.
  3. Teach it.

Alternatively, to collect perspectives. DEV has lots of those.

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