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Discussion on: I am a JavaScript's biggest fan, Ask Me Anything!

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Daniel Mayovsky Ask Me Anything • Edited

I loved the language right from the first glance, because of how naive I was :). I am comfortable with the language at this moment. I have been interested in WebDev for 2 years now, I am 18 and I started when I was 16. Just like any kid, I would learn languages that everyone suggested as "programming languages", like C++, C#, Java. But I would never get them. Their syntax was so complicated, that I was learning the syntax most of the time, not the actual programming logic.

JavaScript invited me with programming logic being right in your face. You have all you need right there: loops, objects, arrays, type-fluid variables, all available without any pre-initiation (Classes in Java, and imports of libraries). You didn't have to import anything and just write code that you want to be executed. That is how I got stuck in JavaScript. I was watching 1 tutorial and writing 5 experiments with this language, and by a year I got pretty comfortable with JavaScript and I started Loving this language a bit later when I discovered Mithril.js, a very good interface-building framework.
So yeah, about a year of experimenting, and I got myself to be comfortable with JavaScript, to the point that if I want something to be done, I won't be scared of taking on that task. Hope that answers the question :)

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It does, thank you so much for the in-depth answer. I'm 6 months in my Javascript journey and I recently started to love it. I am now on the quest to learn more of the backend side. Often times, I do feel there is a hierarchy in programming languages like C++ AND Java, but I think Javascript is such a wonderful language as well.