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Wern Ancheta

Hello everyone!

My name is Wern, and I'm a freelance web developer (primarily using PHP and Laravel). I also do mobile app development on the side using React Native.

Non-dev thing that I've been doing lately? Yoyoing. I'm actually picking up something new for 30 days just for the sake of enjoyment.

I'm here because as a freelancer I often work on projects alone. So I don't gain that many insights when it comes to development. I'm interested in incorporating Docker, unit testing and continuous integration as part of my development toolset and workflow. Up until now I've only used Vagrant and no unit testing (and other types of testing) for the web apps that I develop. So I'm hoping you could help me out with that :)

Oh and I also write tutorials for Tutsplus (Mobile Channel) and Pusher, so I might post a link to newly published articles every now and then.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!