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Also, it's freezing here in NYC, so I figured a friendly snowman would be nice. Not having to go out in the cold and working remote is great.


Hey! I'm Lama, and I'm a high school senior. I've been following's Twitter for a while and kept coming to read posts on the site, so I decided to sign up.

At the moment, I'm making my way through the front end dev certificate on freeCodeCamp, and beginning to learn Java.

Fun fact: I once sprained my ankle jumping off a bed.


Ah, that brings back memories. I fractured mine jumping off a bunk bed onto a bean bag, only my friend removed the bean bag before I landed!


Hello! I'm Sara. I was a children's book editor for a long time but I've recently become a software developer. I came here because Vaidehi Joshi told me to! She said to follow her here on for her new video series on computer science, so that's what I'm doing.


Hi. I'm working on improving my JS skills, and starting some various React tutorials-- with the goal of getting a front-end React job or project. On my list of work today is building an Airbnb clone with a few react components.


Hi! I'm Tom. I work at Twitter where I've been for over 4 years.

I do a few different things, but I tend to focus on making frontend and client engineers more productive by building tools and APIs or writing documentation. You could call it product infrastructure.

Right now I lead Twitter's GraphQL team and a bigger project called Private API, which is about improving how our apps — iOS, Android, Twitter Lite and TweetDeck — get their data.

I'm interested in using to help, guide, and learn from developers who have complex or novel problems to solve.


Welcome! Thanks for joining the community. I personally would love a post on writing good documentation, or a beginner's guide to writing a REST/GraphQL API. Or maybe you have some good posts/resources to share about those topics?


Hi Tom, looking forward to learn from/with you. Thank you for taking your time to share your knowlege & experiences with the community!


Thank you for being with us we are so glad to have someone like you


I used to be a traditional programmer (c++, java) and last year I decided to enhance my skills in webdev fullstk, AI and game dev, so now I am including python and javascript in my activities.


Hi Bruno, I would love to know about your thoughts and experience with the AI world.

Best wishes.


Hi Juan, I had some experience with FSM, computer vision (openCV), decision trees, find the path like algorithms, nowadays I am more curious about machine learning and NLP and their applications in games that are aware of the player physical location, social activity and interests :)


Hi everybody!

I'm Juan Pablo, a Colombian electronic engineer turned into a .Net developer a couple of years ago.

This place is awesome!!! I'm looking forward to sharing more time and knowledge with you guys and hopefully write some post too!

Best wishes,


Hey guys, Jono here. I live in London. Stephanie Hulbert from Twitter brought me here and I'm glad to say hello!

I'm a lapsed game dev who found .NET and web dev gave me money.

I'm looking to get more involved in the dev community as well as into frontend and ruby and for real getting myself back into making games, especially with interesting AI.


Ruby is great! Not so sure about Ruby for games, though. There is a great book/ebook about writing really basic Ruby games: Learn Game Programming with Ruby by Mark Sobkowicz.


Hello! I'm a student at Nashville Software School learning JavaScript and Node.js for the backend. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions in the coming months and am more than happy to talk with other beginners!


Hi, I'm Dragan a fresh certified developer Microsoft web technologies who's gaining experience and in search of a work :) Interested in everything involved in .NET web development...Hoping to help and gain new connections...Wish you successful new year :D


Hello, everyone! I just discovered this site and can tell that it is going to be useful. I first started coding in BASIC on my Coleco ADAM computer in the mid-80's. I picked up HTML starting @ 2000 and have finally decided to jump with both feet. I am studying Ruby right now, which I love, and Rails, which is also nice. Moving on to Javascript next.

Fun fact: Facts are fun! And also, discussing why most "facts" are actually just hypotheses that the believer has accepted based on their personal experiences is also fun! LOL.


Hey! I am Kalpit. I work as software engineer. I am managing few of sites which are really helpful to our developer community. Please check once.,


Hi there! I'm Mike and have been following on twitter for a good while in 2017. Am currently graduating as a visual / interaction designer but I am going to continue with the development part of my degree once I'm done. Figured I'd start 2018 properly and join the community I have been following for a while!


I'm a new user and just beginning my developer career. I'm finishing up an associate degree in software engineering this spring and will be beginning an online bachelor degree in software engineering in the fall. I just snagged my first freelance contract and am hoping this is the year I transition into a full time programmer.


Hello everyone. Good evening from Nigeria 🇳🇬.

I am Opara Prosper, I am a newbie web developer and am madly in love with JavaScript and anything JS.
I have been able to learn HTML,CSS,JavaScript, jQuery && Bootstrap. Am currently learning ReactJs && nodeJS (working towards been a MERN STACK developer).
Am here to connect && learn && contribute as much as possible.

Am so enthusiastic about all there is to learn here!


Hello everyone!

My name is Wern, and I'm a freelance web developer (primarily using PHP and Laravel). I also do mobile app development on the side using React Native.

Non-dev thing that I've been doing lately? Yoyoing. I'm actually picking up something new for 30 days just for the sake of enjoyment.

I'm here because as a freelancer I often work on projects alone. So I don't gain that many insights when it comes to development. I'm interested in incorporating Docker, unit testing and continuous integration as part of my development toolset and workflow. Up until now I've only used Vagrant and no unit testing (and other types of testing) for the web apps that I develop. So I'm hoping you could help me out with that :)

Oh and I also write tutorials for Tutsplus (Mobile Channel) and Pusher, so I might post a link to newly published articles every now and then.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hi, I'm Jimmy and I come from France. I'm Lead Dev and Full stack developer in a french software vendor.
I love PHP and I am a lot interested in all clean code stuff.

I read for a while now and love your community. So I decided today to subscribe and, why not, to publish posts if my english is under stable ^


Hi, i’m an 11 year old 8th grader that uses a modern tech stack to make fun projects. I know Java, C#, NodeJs, Python, PHP and all of the useful front-end languages (HTML, CSS JavaScript). I teach at GeekExpress and i’m CEO of GigaGamma. Excited to learn and interact on!


Hello everyone,
Welcome to the world of tech, At the end of 2018, Want to become one of the top front end developer. Though I have set a big goal for this year,but hardwork and determination can lead me to my goal.


Hello, Erik here, the Hawaii missile alert article got me here. I'm originally from Romania but also have some Hungarian blood inside me. A am junior developer at a startup in London, UK. Really exited to get to know you. Ah by the way we are hiring a mid level developer, we do full stack javascript, react, angular, node, aws etc.. all the fun stuff, the project is really promising and we got a bunch of funds too so get in touch if you're interested. Happy new year!


Hello, I'm Luis, last year I read a lot of the content you gave, so this year I will start writting some Posts.

I'm a Full Stack Developer, using python/django for backend, ionic3 for mobile apps, and some AngularJS for the frontend.


Hello! I'm Anita and I'm happy to have found this group. I'm not exactly new to coding, but this is the year that I'm finally going to buckle down and find my dream job as a web developer. Looking forward to getting lots of good advice on how to make that happen!


Hi buddy! I was reading an article about life changing scenario with just a single line of code and found during follow that.

I'm working with android development and trying to growing up myself to explore and gather more and more. Its nice meet you all. Thank you. :-)


Hi everyone, Shawn here. I'm a software developer from Milwaukee, WI. I have always had an interest in how things work. I started out in IT as a PC tech and very slowly found my way to dev work. I found this site from a retweet by someone I follow. I just joined yesterday because, frankly, after reading some of the posts and comments here along with the discussions on Twitter it seemed like a good place to be.

Fun fact: I'm best friends with the current drummer for the Violent Femmes. It's still weird to think that we've been friends since before he even played the drums.


Hey! I'm Luke, and I'm currently doing an apprenticeship in Software Development! I'm almost entirely self-taught when it comes to coding, I enjoy learning by doing so will make a small utility app and then go from there!

I've been following this site on Facebook and reading articles for a while so thought I may as well sign up for an account and say hi to y'all!

I also play drums, and I've started a blog about my programming and musical exploits over at!

Feel free to come to me with anything - I've dabbled in development for web (both front end and server side), Android and Windows, in a variety of different languages, so hopefully I can be useful!


Hello there, My name is Edinaldo, I'm a 25 years old web developer at the local town hall, where we develop an awesome Intranet, and after reading a lot of posts here, I've decided to join the community and even sharing my very first post. It's about how to improve myself and how can I learn more, what do you think guys?

not so fun fact: my english is awful, sorry bout that :D


I am Business Growth Strategist at A Leading Mobile Application Development Company Solution Analysts. Most of the time I spend on exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow the business.


Hi all! Happy new 2018!

I published Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL and I hope to publish other articles during 2018

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