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Sanjaay R. • Edited

Hi, I am whippingdot, a kid who likes coding and who wants to learn Nodejs, JS, and CSS. I know C++, Python, and HTML.

#include <iostream>

using std::string;
using std::cout;
using std::cin;

int main()
  int age = null;

  string hobby = "coding";
  string passTime = "look around on the web.";
  string mostTime = "studying my school work";
  string personName = "RayhanADev";
  string websiteName = "";

  string reply = "";

  cout  << "Hi everyone, I am " << age << " years old.\nI like doing " << hobby << " and to pass time I " << passTime << "\nMost of the time I am " << mostTime << " but I do spend 2 hrs coding per day.\nI also search the web for random things.\nThis is definitely not a copy of " << personName<< "'s post.\nI hope I find some cool things in this website.\nMost of the time I am on " << websiteName << " looking for good shared posts/games.\nWhat do you do most of the time: \n>> ";
  cin >> reply;

  cout << "Oh, cool, even I like doing " << reply << " but not majorly.\n";
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Follow my GitHub here and see my repl account here. I am currently making the biggest project I have ever made, though I think it is only going to be 300 lines. C ya later, bye.