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Incorporating cannabis into my regimen allows me regulate my body.

It makes eating easier on a regular basis, whether it's IBS or anxiety induced lack of appetite. It's way easier to knock out at night when my mind is buzzing with code when I can take a big hit of an indica and fall asleep. And it also helps motivate me past regular pain to do things like work out when I'm feeling a little sore, or knuckling down and cooking dinner instead of eating out.

It also helps immensely that there's little to no negative side effects to cannabis consumption for me personally. Coffee leads to a crash, alcohol causes hangovers (and brain damage) -- meanwhile I can smoke a bowl, get work done, and wake up the next day (or after a nap) feeling great.

Besides that it's the ordinary exercise often, yoga, and good food. It's all about listening to your body and being responsive, whether it's with sleep when you're tired -- or cutting back on coffee and sugar when you crash.

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